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7 Reasons You Should Try Boxing


Over the years, the fitness industry has seen lot of trends and fads. From Paleo diets and Crossfit to Pilates and Veganism, it seems like every time we blink, the fitness industry is changing it's mind as to what direction it will go.

Boxing, however, is not a fad. The origins of boxing can be traced as far back as ancient Greece in 688 B.C.! Needless to say, boxing has stood the test of time. Recently though, there has been a resurgence in interest to put some gloves on and start wailing away at a heavy bag. If you haven't tried it yet, here's a few reasons you should:

1. You will look great!- A good boxing workout can burn upwards of 1000 calories an hour!!! That is a lot of calories. Boxing will help you with weight loss, toning, core strength, coordination, and the list goes on!

2. Boxing is FUN!!!!- It never fails. Every time I have a new client or member who tries boxing for the first time, they have an absolute blast. Not only do clients and members look forward to their workouts, they also have a blast while doing them and are anxious to come back for more!

3. Boxing is a full body workout!- There are few forms of exercise that can claim to adequately train the entire body, but boxing does just that. Not only will you be sculpting you arms while hitting the heavy bag, boxing workouts incorporate lower body and core exercises as well to keep the legs and stomach tight and make you look great!

4. Boxing teaches you how to protect yourself!- While we hope and expect you will never have to use this skill, it is a priceless skill to have and something everyone should learn.

5. Boxing builds confidence!- Something about wrapping up your hands, strapping on the gloves, and beating up a heavy bag leads to an enormous boost in confidence. Since boxing often leads to looking amazing and being pretty tough, it makes sense that people who start boxing often say they have an immediate boost in confidence!

6. Boxing is perfect for both men AND women!- While in the past, boxing may have been seen as a male sport, recently it has taken off among young women looking to have a good time while getting a great workout in. It has even caught the attention of famous super models such as Gigi Hadid who incorporate boxing training into their routines to stay lean and look great!

7. You'll make friends!- Boxing is a social sport believe it or not. Although there are no teams and it really is You vs. You in a boxing class, you will have the support of all of your fellow boxers and coaches at 2 Tone Boxing Club.

Still need more convincing? Come try a FREE class at the 2 Tone Boxing Club in Beachwood, Ohio and see for yourself!


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