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6 Reason Your Child Should Learn To Box

For years the sport of boxing has been a very interesting, dynamic and fun sport to watch. Throughout history we’ve seen some of the best boxers step on the mat and defend their weight class. Legends such as; Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao have their own particular skill set that made them dominate their respective weight classes. Many people think that boxing may be too dangerous, or too much of a “contact sport” for kids and young teens. But the truth is boxing is safer than many other sports that kids play today. Here are six benefits to why kids should box:

1. Exercise

The biggest benefit of boxing is that it is one of the best forms of exercise. Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports and a boxer must have both strength and stamina. In order to be effective in the ring and to be able to withstand the length of the match, you must be able to go the length of the boxing match and your stamina must be unbeatable. Whereas, in other popular sports kids enjoy playing such as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, stamina is secondary because there are substitutions and stoppages in play.

The most popular reason parents want their children to box is to learn how to defend themselves. Listening and following instructions are fundamental aspects of boxing and learning self-defense. Boxing is going to place a lot of emphasis on teaching children to ‘speak up for themselves’ (against a bully for example) or protect themselves from potential danger. Boxing helps teach kids to be more aware of their surroundings.

3. Discipline

By teaching your kids the mechanics of boxing, you will be properly teaching your children control and discipline. One must be extremely mentally and physically disciplined and go through the motions with precision to be a good boxer. While many believe that boxing is an aggressive sport it is actually the complete opposite. If an aggressive fighter gets in the ring with a cool, calm, and collected fighter, the fighter who can control their mind, emotions, and defeats will surely be the winner.

4. Stress Relief

Boxing will not only teach your child how to properly throw a punch but also how to positively control aggression and teach them good stress management. Kids deal with a lot of emotions throughout their childhood and boxing will give them a release and allow them to let out their stress in a positive way.

5. Health

Boxing is a never-ending fitness challenge. No one boxer who has ever gloved up has mastered all aspects of boxing. So when given a knowledgeable boxing trainer, it will never get boring. Which means your child’s muscles will never start yawning, so their body will continue improving too. Boxing combats obesity and today about one in five school-aged children (6-19) has obesity.

6. Confidence

Boxing builds character and it is clear that it helps one find inner strength, overcome obstacles, and become a winner. Boxing improves physical and mental health dramatically, which comes with a bunch of feel-good hormones about oneself which boosts the child’s self-confidence. This in turn actually makes kids less aggressive. A kid that is sure in themselves, and confident, is less prone to outbursts or the need to validate themselves through confrontation of any kind. This is further enhancing because young boxers soon learn that not keeping your anger in check during a match is a sure way to lose the fight. Intense emotions, like anger, lessen concentration, and a good boxer will always develop self-awareness and good emotional control. Boxing is a school where focus and determination are the two main subjects – two skills that are essential to master in adulthood.

At first glance, boxing may seem controversial, but kids who box become more physically healthy, mentally sharp, and physiologically more resilient. Additionally, boxing creates a healthy and inspiring outlet for all the restless energy kids have. Youth boxing inspires self-confidence, trust in others, and promotes determination and self-mastery at a young age. Boxing will not only teach your child self-discipline, make them feel more confident in themselves, and build a healthier body, but they will be able to defend themselves in potentially dangerous situations. This is an essential tool all kids should acquire.

For more information on our youth boxing in Beachwood, Ohio program at 2 Tone Boxing Club, visit our website at or contact us via call, text, or e-mail at 330-801-9997 or

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